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State Early Intervention Colorado Team
Early Intervention Colorado Program

1575 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-5916
Toll Free: 888-777-4041
Fax: 303-866-5200

Tracy Sperry
Phone: 303-866-5916

Helps with all general questions and inquiries, provides referral information and updates and maintains website information and documents.

Early Intervention Data Specialist
Ashley Ness
Phone: 303-866-3960

Provides quality assurance and data support for the Early Intervention Colorado Program.

Early Intervention Evaluation Coordinator
Ashley Furney
Phone: 303-866-5629

Responsible for compliance monitoring, quality improvement and evaluation of program activities.

Fiscal Accountability Manager
Beth Cole
Phone: 303-866-5017

Formulates fiscal policies and procedures. Monitors fiscal compliance for local programs, including claims data and fiscal expenditures for Early Intervention Services. Serves as the primary contact for physician awareness and outreach activities.

General Supervision Manager
Amanda Sutton
Phone: 303-866-5468

Responsible for conducting desk audits, data review, onsite data verification and/or focused monitoring visits for 20 Community Centered Board (CCB) Early Intervention programs to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations; manages the statewide data collection system for early intervention; oversees the data collection for Child Outcomes; oversees the implementation of the Coordinated System of Payment, including the State Insurance Trust Fund; monitors fiscal utilization for CCB early intervention expenditures and is responsible for reporting annual compliance, performance and child count data to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

Program Director
Christy Scott
Phone: 303-866-2664

Responsible for the management of the statewide early intervention program; implementing federal and state rules and regulations; budget management; interagency agreements with state agencies to ensure a coordinated, collaborative system; development of the federal Part C application including policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal requirements and fiscal accountability; and supervision of Early Intervention Colorado state staff.

Program Initiatives Manager
Lenita Hartman
Phone: 303-866-5419

Responsible for direct on-going support and technical assistance to twenty Community Centered Board (CCB) Early Intervention programs in all areas regarding early intervention service provision, inclusive practices, child welfare initiatives, child outcomes, autism guidelines, and child identification and transition. The Community Coordinator also acts as the agency's complaint officer regarding procedural safeguards including informal and formal dispute resolution processes.

Provider Database Administrator
Connie Fixsen
Phone: 303-866-4393

Provides information and technical assistance for all issues concerning the Early Intervention Colorado Provider Database including Child Outcome Summary transfers and support for provider applications.

Technical Assistance & Outreach Coordinator
Wayla Murrow
Phone: 303-866-2506

Assists with the development of training and technical assistance materials focused on family-driven service provision, parent leadership, and identifies need for parent input. Reviews and modifies training materials to reflect adult learning styles and assure stakeholder accessibility. Coordinates and facilitates Early Intervention Services personnel trainings and provides technical assistance in the areas of Individualized Family Service Plan process, parent leadership, and family driven supports and services. Provides coordination for collecting data through the Family Outcomes Survey.

Training and Personnel Development Coordinator
Laura Merrill
Phone: 303-866-5379

Develops and implements the coordinated system of personnel development for EI Colorado, including the training required for early intervention service coordinators to meet qualified personnel standards and development of training and technical assistance for early intervention personnel and community partners. Assures requirements for early intervention personnel standards are met through development of standards for qualified personnel and activities for recruitment and retention.


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